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Building a warming queue
Our experience tells us that professional field sales people are not that keen in picking up the phone making call after call after call, and in fairness they should be out meeting prospects and customers to close business for you. So, why not pass the volume calling to Delecto Marketing? We have determined staff who are able to uncover who has a project and when, but at the same time they do not get disheartened by the huge number of voicemails that are on. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the square to get an 'in' and we are all very tenacious. The end result is a warming queue ready for lead nurturing.
Managing pipelineDo you have time to call all the prospects at the agreed time? We manage the warming queue process until leads become ready for sales. This means no agreed call backs to prospects get missed and we can monitor what projects are imminent or on hold and bring in your sales team at the right time. This gives you a very clear picture of what is actually in the pipeline.
Data research and enhancement It may be time to look at the quality of the data you hold - do you have all the right contacts to promote your products or services to? Has the company name changed or have they been acquired? Do you have email addresses and job titles for everyone and, most importantly, is the contact you have still there? This is our most frequently used service as our customers recognise the final data we have delivered to them has allowed them to start their sales and marketing campaign on the right foot.
Delegate RecruitmentThis service is for those that send out tens or hundreds of invitations but are looking to get the right 'bums on seats'. We can work this in two ways - firstly, by phoning your prospect/suspect and explaining to them about the event and would they like an invitation? Or, secondly, by following up the invite that has already gone. Don't forget, you may want to use our list cleaning service before you send anything out to a bunch of people who may no longer be there.
Customer satisfaction surveys We contact your existing clients to ask the questions you want answers to, but maybe were afraid to ask. We phone as Delecto Marketing and give them the opportunity to remain anonymous allowing them to speak freely. This will give you a good, solid basis of where to improve as a business and where to pat yourselves on the back.
Incoming enquiries Do you need someone to manage your incoming enquires a few hours per week? We would also look to get an appointment where appropriate and agree a next action. These incoming leads could be driven from incoming telephone calls, web enquiries or a response to a direct mail piece/advertising.
Data management Are you struggling to keep your CRM system up to date? Our virtual assistants are familiar with many CRM solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NAV CRM, Act, and Prospectsoft. We are able to add new leads, create follow up activities for the relevant individual and ensure the data is correct. You may also require just a few hours a week for us to enter new leads onto your system.
Mailings Are you looking for someone to help get a mailer out to prospects on your database? We have the skills to take an excel spread sheet and produce mailing labels, stuff envelopes and post!